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                Aoqite Automation is located in Changping Town, Dongguan City, that is an international manufacturing base. It has 20 years of experience and service team in the automated production line technology after hollow blow molding industry. Over the years, we have served thousands of well-known hollow container manufacturers and HDPE, PET, PP, PS blow molding suppliers at home and abroad. 

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                • 2022 Guangzhou packaging and printing exhibition-2022 Guangzhou International Packaging and Printing Exhibition (March 4-6,2022)
                  Pubdate£º 2021-04-20
                  The South China International Exhibition on Printing Industry, entering its twenty-eight th year of growth, has joined hands with the China International Exhibition on labels, the China packaging industry exhibition, and the packaging products exhibition to run through the printing and packaging industry chain and terminal application, to provide enterprises with printing, labelling, packaging and packaging products "one-stop" procurement platform.
                • Chinaplas , China International Exhibition for Plastics and rubber industry
                  Pubdate£º 2021-04-20
                  The CHINAPLAS has been recognized by the global rubber and plastic industry for its rich exhibits, wonderful concurrent events, global participation and significant market influence, it has become the largest rubber and plastic exhibition in Asia
                • The 106th national sugar and wine fair (Chengdu sugar and wine fair 2022)
                  Pubdate£º 2021-04-20
                  Exhibition time: 2022-03-26 ~ 2022-03-28 ORGANIZER: China Sugar & Liquor Group Company Exhibition Address: China International Western Expo City
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